Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Friday evening I arrived at Redhill Books to set-up for La Familia Peńa-Govea. Their performance was the final event scheduled for our 2008 Summer Reading Program. I noticed that the bookstore was pretty quiet. It then dawned on me then that this was opening night ceremonies for the Olympics. As I mentally bemoaned the situation, people started to drift in. For the first quarter hour or so, it appeared there would be just a few neighborhood stalwarts. Well, never underestimate Bernalians knowing what’s good and more importantly count yourself lucky if you have the Peńa-Goveas holding forth.

The audience continued to grow as the family proceeded to dip into their considerable repertory. We were swept into a good mood --these parents clearly enjoy making music with their two talented daughters (and vice versa.) From Mariachi to Mazurka-- the evening’s selections were upbeat and huge fun. THANK YOU La Familia Peńa-Govea for giving us a wonderful evening and for extending a one-hour concert into TWO. Bernal is lucky to count you as one of theirs. Lastly, and importantly we are once again very grateful to Redhill Books for their support and co-sponsorship.

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