Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Films For Kids! And Support The Library Too!

Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema, Red Hill Books and the Friends of the Library are teaming up Saturday, August 30th, from 1:00 – 2:30, to sponsor a film screening for children. Join us ‘inside’ for a BHOC Saturday matinee especially for the little ones. There'll be popcorn and a few surprises as kids get a chance to view short, independent films made just for them!

Members of the Bernal Neighborhood Library Campaign will be on hand to answer questions about the library renovation and fundraising events. And if you’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to have your name inscribed on a library tile, these are the folks who can help make that happen. Contact Marian Chatfield-Taylor, Capital Campaign Manager, for more information about the Bernal Library Tiles: 415-626-7512, ext. 103,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What are you doing without the Bernal Library?

Art tells us he really enjoys the Mission Branch—even though he was resistant about trying a new library in the beginning. He even spies familiar faces there from the Bernal Heights staff.

Mimi and other book club members have been using the Bookmobile to pick up the book club titles—that seems to be working well too.

Donald says “I go to Excelsior because that’s where the best librarians are!”

Tish says she’s going crazy without us but goes to Excelsior Branch because it’s easy to get to and there are nice welcoming faces there as well.

When Ernie isn't fishing out near the Farallon Islands he visits the library and he says, “I go to Excelsior because they have so many computers and such a great book collection.”

Sam says “Excelsior is a fine substitute for Bernal but I still can’t wait to get back to my branch.”

Jane say that Bernal is still her favorite library despite visiting many other libraries. "I go to Glen Park, Mission and Excelsior and I like that they have lots of computers.”

Frances says “I have begun using Mission, Excelsior and the Main Library and it’s interesting to see how each place has a different character and atmosphere.”

Where Are YOU Going?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Friday evening I arrived at Redhill Books to set-up for La Familia Peńa-Govea. Their performance was the final event scheduled for our 2008 Summer Reading Program. I noticed that the bookstore was pretty quiet. It then dawned on me then that this was opening night ceremonies for the Olympics. As I mentally bemoaned the situation, people started to drift in. For the first quarter hour or so, it appeared there would be just a few neighborhood stalwarts. Well, never underestimate Bernalians knowing what’s good and more importantly count yourself lucky if you have the Peńa-Goveas holding forth.

The audience continued to grow as the family proceeded to dip into their considerable repertory. We were swept into a good mood --these parents clearly enjoy making music with their two talented daughters (and vice versa.) From Mariachi to Mazurka-- the evening’s selections were upbeat and huge fun. THANK YOU La Familia Peńa-Govea for giving us a wonderful evening and for extending a one-hour concert into TWO. Bernal is lucky to count you as one of theirs. Lastly, and importantly we are once again very grateful to Redhill Books for their support and co-sponsorship.

Friday, August 1, 2008

“Read In The Wildest Places” has one more week to go. Thanks to our tireless staff on the Bernal Bookmobile, we've been able to participate in SFPLs annual Summer Reading Program.
Another, HUGE thanks goes out to Redhill Books and J. Serra School who have made it possible for us to have summer programs in the neighborhood. J Serra School loaned us their site for Nick Barone Puppets and the Bubble Lady. And this past Tuesday, Redhill Books generously cosponsored “Koto World” with storyteller/ musician Elizabeth Falconer. The bookstore set the stage by providing Japanese finger food and a backdrop of shoji screens . Ms. Falconer proceeded to weave gentle tales while playing on her 6 foot long dragon instrument. The audience was delighted—especially a number of small pajama clad members.

2:00 PM
HOLLY PARK CIRCLE (across from bookmobile)

Rosie will teach kids animal poses and stretches. Come join us in Holly Park for this family outdoor event.

7:00 PM
401 Cortland Avenue at Bennington
Once again, Redhill Books is our generous co-sponsor. Please join us in a family sing-a-along. Pajama clad children encouraged.