Thursday, August 21, 2008

What are you doing without the Bernal Library?

Art tells us he really enjoys the Mission Branch—even though he was resistant about trying a new library in the beginning. He even spies familiar faces there from the Bernal Heights staff.

Mimi and other book club members have been using the Bookmobile to pick up the book club titles—that seems to be working well too.

Donald says “I go to Excelsior because that’s where the best librarians are!”

Tish says she’s going crazy without us but goes to Excelsior Branch because it’s easy to get to and there are nice welcoming faces there as well.

When Ernie isn't fishing out near the Farallon Islands he visits the library and he says, “I go to Excelsior because they have so many computers and such a great book collection.”

Sam says “Excelsior is a fine substitute for Bernal but I still can’t wait to get back to my branch.”

Jane say that Bernal is still her favorite library despite visiting many other libraries. "I go to Glen Park, Mission and Excelsior and I like that they have lots of computers.”

Frances says “I have begun using Mission, Excelsior and the Main Library and it’s interesting to see how each place has a different character and atmosphere.”

Where Are YOU Going?

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