Saturday, September 27, 2008

The work is back on at 500 Cortland Avenue! Thursday and Friday found the renovation crew pouring tar and buttoning up the roof. Inside, most of the construction activity is now focused downstairs. New cement flooring has been poured and work on the elevator is progressing. Next week the crew will start framing the walls.

Note: Due to the lack of electrical lighting, covered windows, and my marginal camera; the picture of the community room is dim.

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Victor said...

Thanks for the great pictures.
We'd like to have a copy of all pictures taken.
We put our pride and hard work on the hot tar underlayment.
We love San Francisco, We enjoyed working on this project specially for being a library.
Thanks from all of Us.
Victor(el jefe mayor),Adolfo(Kathi's),Juan(pato),Adan(sacramento),Alfredo(calaco), Pedro(homerito), y Anthony(el nino salvadoreno).
Thanks,Gracias for let us work on your great community.
Victor. Oct,2008.