Friday, October 10, 2008

Leaving Their Mark. One tradition in the construction trades is for workers to sign their names in a secret spot on the project which won't show after all the work is finished. Today I stopped in to see what was happening. I wandered into the Lower Level to snap some pictures and on my way out something caught my eye on the ceiling. It was covered with autographs of the crew! What a sweet, symbolic gesture. If you want to see who is working on your library, click below. And know that when the job is finished, you will never, ever see their names again. Although we will honor their hard work by enjoying the beautiful library which they are helping to build.

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Ironman56K said...

Very interesting find. In this digital world, much of our information we have here will be lost, including videos/pictures posted on blogs. These marks will be some of the few traces of human civilization thousands of years from now!